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    "Justin at Alchemy Marketing is a marketing mastermind. He has worked with our company on every aspect of marketing including PPC, graphic design, mobile website optimization, media buying, billboard procurement and design and mass mail outs to name a few. Justin is very data driven and has a knack for pulling out insights that help our business optimize our advertising budget. I would recommend Alchemy to anybody looking to grow their online presence and drive more traffic to their website."

    Tom Tilaro, owner

    "Justin has been a pleasure to work with. His expertise, creativity, and promptness keep us happy customers. 90% of our customers come see us because of how well our google ad words campaign is managed. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his website development and ability to utilize online marketing. Thanks Justin!"

    David Anderson, owner

    "Justin and his crew at Alchemy Marketing are the bomb-diggity! Everything I need, and everything I envision, comes to life quickly and effectively through their expertise. When I'm not sure what I want or need, Justin's suggestions always point in the right direction!"

    Karen Pelot, owner
    Alchemy Marketing
    150 E Robinson St. Orlando, FL 32801
    (407) 809-4090

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    Respond To Bad Reviews

    This framework is a tool you can freely use to help respond to negative feedback. To get started, first notice a series of questions (Framework) followed by color corresponding example answers (Examples). Study the correlation between the color-coded questions & answers before using the same questions yourself next time you respond to a bad review. The ultimate goal is to see the commonalities in empathy used to communicate so that you can gradually rely on this tool less and less.

    Respond To Negative Feedback


    Answer the following questions to use as an outline before constructing your response to a negative online review.

    How is the reviewer right?

    What are some points or ideas that you and the reviewer seem to agree on?

    For what are you sorry?

    What are you sorry about that the customer had to experience, instead of what you or your company did? Empathize with what happened to them, regardless of whose fault it was.

    How do you feel personally responsible for this outcome?

    What issues did you or your business play a role in causing or failing to prevent? How could you have had a system to prevent it from happening?

    What could we all be doing more of?

    How can this situation be taken out of a business context and viewed from a simple human interaction perspective?

    What do you believe? What don’t you believe?

    What values do you uphold in how you run your business? What do you believe about how businesses should treat customers? What business practices don’t you believe in (i.e. cutting corners)?

    How has this inspired change?

    Specifically based on what the reviewer said, how are you going to operate your business differently? Show that their feedback had an impact.

    What would be the benefit of the reviewer giving your product a second chance?

    Or how can you close the situation having offered help and putting at ease any potential customers reading the review?