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    "Justin at Alchemy Marketing is a marketing mastermind. He has worked with our company on every aspect of marketing including PPC, graphic design, mobile website optimization, media buying, billboard procurement and design and mass mail outs to name a few. Justin is very data driven and has a knack for pulling out insights that help our business optimize our advertising budget. I would recommend Alchemy to anybody looking to grow their online presence and drive more traffic to their website."

    Tom Tilaro, owner

    "Justin has been a pleasure to work with. His expertise, creativity, and promptness keep us happy customers. 90% of our customers come see us because of how well our google ad words campaign is managed. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his website development and ability to utilize online marketing. Thanks Justin!"

    David Anderson, owner

    "Justin and his crew at Alchemy Marketing are the bomb-diggity! Everything I need, and everything I envision, comes to life quickly and effectively through their expertise. When I'm not sure what I want or need, Justin's suggestions always point in the right direction!"

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    The Customer Focus Calculator

    The Best Copywriting Focuses On Your Customer, Not Your Company

    Imagine the last time you had a great conversation with a friend or family member. During the conversation, you likely lost track of time and enjoyed talking about a topic that both of you were interested in.

    Throughout the conversation, you both probably focused on each other by asking questions about each other and focusing the conversation on the other person’s needs. This is how a positive interaction often occurs, and at the end of a great conversation, both parties walk away feeling refreshed and good about their interaction.

    The goal of your business is to engage your customers in a similar way.

    While businesses know how important their online content is to generate sales, most companies are stuck in the past because they don’t integrate copywriting that builds trust and relationships with their readers. Instead, most business’s copywriting talks about themselves. Today’s successful businesses are not forgetting about the most important person in the conversation: the customer.

    I Recommend Using the Customer Focus Calculator – (

    Use this tool on your most highly trafficked pages to get a clear impression on how well your business is putting customers first.


    Customer Focus Calculator Results

    Try This Tool Now

    Additional Tips For Engaging Your Customers

    Don’t shy away from building an emotional connection beyond an economic exchange.

    Great copywriting is hard to create because it needs to focus on the needs of your clients and address their needs while aligning with your business goals.

    Here are some quick tips to writing great business content that will boost conversions:

    What We Will Do

    • Speak to the personalized and specific needs of your customers.
    • Engage them with enticing content.
    • Educate them with relevant information to help them purchase from you.
    • Communicate a unique selling proposition.
    • Build trust, so your customer will buy from you.
    • Make your reader confident in their decision to buy from you and guide them to convert.

    How We Will Do It

    • Starts with customer needs. Why are they looking for a solution you offer?
    • Explain how your product or services will help them reach their goals.
    • Uses clear language that your customers will understand.

    Tips For Connecting With Your Customers

    Use emotion when appropriate. The best means to do that is to optimize the digital experience by keeping in mind some basic notions:

    Make Them Laugh:

    Great copywriting that connects with your clients can start with humor or elicits another type of emotion can be very effective at driving conversions.

    Win Their Heart & Mind:

    Visitors can make decisions from both an emotional and logical point of view. Use a service like VWO A/B testing to test copy that appeals either, then determine the optimal message for your guests.

    Make A Promise:

    Your customers want to trust you, and you can accomplish this by speaking directly to your clients by making a promise. Don’t be afraid to frame promises as “We believe that you deserve ________, that’s why we promise…”. Keep the customers’ needs first.

    Identify Your Unique Value Proposition:

    Is having a low-cost product or service something that makes you stand out in your market? Ease of use? Time to get started or implement? Fantastic support? Focus on what makes your business unique and speak to the value you offer. Don’t forget to emphasize how this value benefits the customer.

    Make All Claims Believable:

    Anyone can make claims, but your customers can easily see through claims.

    Use Storytelling

    Your clients love a good story.

    Stories are a great way to build your business into the need of your customer without creating a situation where you are focusing only on your business. A general template you can use to create your message into a narrative is:

    1. State the value proposition your business offers and how you will be able to solve your customers’ needs.
    2. Identify the core problems your customers are dealing with. This ensures your audience that you understand them.
    3. Demonstrate how your product and services were made just for them. Don’t try to compare your business to your competitors, but focus on your customers.
    4. Show an example or build the image of your customers using your products and services to solve their problems. Show them how much happier they are once they work with your business.
    5. Provide your customer with a clear Call To Action so they can take action and obtain your product or service.

    Author Bio

    Chris Giarratana is an Digital Marketing Strategist in Orlando, FL. With over 13 years of experience, he works with national brands to make his clients more money by focusing on SEO Copywriting, PPC management, and manual outreach marketing for small businesses.