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    8 Online Marketing Strategies Used by Orlando Restaurants

    New restaurants pop up every day, so you need to find a way to stand out. Most potential customers will give your website a look before heading into your shop, so use the following tips and tactics to impress them and win their business.

    Tip #1:

    Make Reserving a Table Easy

    Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster

    You want people coming into your restaurant, so make it as easy as possible. If your restaurant accepts reservations, include a /reservations page that gives them all of the required info. Bonus points if you include an online reservations option like Christner’s does.

    Tip #2:

    Make Your Website Clear and Simple


    The good part of having a website for a restaurant is the simplicity of what your user is looking for. Dexter’s nailed that here by listing out three clear and simple call to actions right when you get on the home page. Are you looking for a food menu, drinks, or the location? It’s super easy for the user to find out the information they need, and it looks good while doing it.

    Tip #3:

    Include A Detailed Menu Page

    Most users are on your site to check out your food, so make it easy for them. DoveCote made the list because they offered both an online menu option as well as a downloadable PDF option. The more options for the user, the better. The one change I would make about DoveCote’s menu is the lack of photography. Your food is beautiful – entice your users with mouthwatering photography of your cuisine.

    Tip #4:

    Show Off Your Restaurant’s Style

    Grand Bohemian Hotel

    With one glance, you can tell what style the Grand Bohemian’s restaurants are trying to accomplish. As a restaurantgoer, you’re looking for the atmosphere and environment almost as much as you’re looking for the food. You’ve decided on a very specific style for your restaurant’s design and cuisine, so include that same consistent look across your website so your customers know exactly what they’re getting when they walk in the door.

    Tip #5:

    Be Creative and Have Fun With Your Design

    Hamburger Mary’s

    Going along with the style of your restaurant doesn’t have to be boring and limited to just photography. This illustration on the Orlando page of Hamburger Mary’s lets you know exactly what you’re in for when you walk into their restaurant. And, it matches the fun, energetic atmosphere that the restaurant/show is so well known for.

    Tip #6:

    Include a Chef Profile

    King Bao

    Your chef and/or founder probably has a great story to tell and a great personality if they decided to get into the restaurant business. Show off their traits and the story of the restaurant with an about the chef section on your website. Be sure to include professional photography of the chef or owner to humanize the story and the business even more.

    Tip #7:

    Show Off Your Social Media Photos

    Reyes Mezcaleria

    Not every business belong on Instagram, but your food certainly does. If there’s anything people like looking at on Instagram, it’s delicious food, so make the most of the platform. Share beautiful, appetizing photos of your food and include a feed of the images to your website. This will get you more followers and is an easy way to constantly change the photos of your site with little to no effort.

    Tip #8:

    Include a Video Telling Your Story

    Kabooki Sushi

    Kabooki really shows what their food and restaurant means to them in an inspiring, heartfelt video right when you arrive on their website. It speaks to the origin of the name, the reason for the food, and the passion that the chef feels for all of it. It really humanizes the company and strikes an interest in every user that watches it.