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    9 Website Tips For Your Orlando Business

    Getting ready to launch your website for your Orlando business? Run through these easy-to-follow tips to ensure you’re truly ready to go.

    Tip #1

    Check Your Website For Errors

    Scan your website for spelling errors

    You lose a lot of professionalism and trust from your users when your site is riddled with spelling errors. Simply run your website’s pages through a free tool like Typosaurus and fix all of your spelling issues. Typosaurus homepage screenshot

    Find & fix broken links

    Broken links cause a bad user experience for your customers and can have a serious negative effect on your SEO. Routinely check for broken links throughout your entire site using a simple tool like Dead Link Checker.

    Check your site on multiple browsers

    Browsers are built by different companies and function differently from each other. There are different ways to do certain things depending on the browser. This means that you want to check your website on all of the major browsers before going live.

    Tip #2

    Mobile Optimize Your Website

    Cater to customers on every screen size

    52.2% of all internet traffic was generated through a mobile device in 2018, so you need to cater to those devices to succeed. Having a mobile-optimized site allows you to be a step ahead of the competition and generates a few unique call-to-actions possibilities that desktop doesn’t. Mobile optimized websites

    Powerful Mobile Call-to-Actions

    If your business is a retail location that users have to drive to, you can give them directions easily. Let’s say you’re a new ice cream parlor in Winter Park. Include a link that will automatically give them directions in Google Maps or Apple Maps. That way, their phones will lead them straight to your shop on Park Ave. If you’re a “we-come-to-you” business, like a tow truck company in Windemere, include an easy-to-see, clickable call button. This will prompt them to call you from their phone and you can go save the day on I-4. These types of call-to-actions aren’t possible on desktop and most tablets, so try to think of mobile optimization as a good thing for your Central Florida company.

    Tip #3

    Have Clear, Call-to-Actions

    Let your customers know how to get started

    Take a step back and look at the big picture of your business. What do you want the user to do on your website? Are you an e-commerce site that just happens to be based in Orlando? Then calling or seeing your location isn’t a huge deal. This changes if you’re a location-specific local business, like a spa in downtown. You’ll want to include an easy-to-find and clickable get directions button so people know how to get to you. Think about what your user will need to do when they’ve decided to accept your products or services and make it easy for them to do so.

    Here’s an example ?

    Work With an Orlando Agency

    Tip #4

    Include a Contact page

    Give your customers the contact info they need

    For most companies, your users are going to need to contact you or learn your address at some point in the sales funnel. Make this easy for them to find by having a Contact page in the menu of every page. That way, they’ll always know where to go if they’re seen enough and are ready to convert.

    What to include on your contact page

    Ensure that your contact page has everything that the customer needs to reach out to you. This means including your phone number, address, hours of operation, and either an email address or contact form for them to fill out on your website.

    Check out this example from an Orlando roofing website.

    Contact page example

    Tip #5

    Get an SSL Certificate

    Provide a safe experience for your users

    An SSL certificate simply tells the user that your website is safe. It’s what upgrades your site from to While one letter doesn’t seem to be super impactful, it’s one of the most important factors that you can do for your site.

    How browsers view SSL certificates

    When it comes to SSL encryptions, it’s less about the benefits of having one and more about the negatives of not having one. Google (and other browsers) place a big red flag on your site if you’re still with the ancient http because it means the users’ data isn’t being properly protected. In fact, Google has recently started warning users that visit sites that aren’t fully secure. They even hide the ability to get into the site because they’re worried about the security of the site. I’d say the chances of your users hopping on another Orlando business’s site is pretty high if they see a serious warning like this. SSL warning screen from Google

    Tip #6

    Use clear, user-focused language

    See the situation from your customer’s point of view

    Write your content from the experience of the user. You want to speak from their side of the transaction and show empathy for their situation. Take this as an example.

    Not user-focused:

    Our plumbing company is the fastest & cheapest option.


    Get your leaky pipes fixed quicker and with less money out of your pocket.

    They’re both letting the user know that they can fix leaky pipes, but one is doing it by painting a benefit for the customer and being empathetic about their situation. Think about how you can incorporate this type of language into your website.

    Tip #7

    Use SEO-Optimized Language

    Help customers find you by talking about what they’re looking for

    Google can only figure out what services you offer by reading what you have written on your site, so ensure that you’re using keywords that will prompt them to show you to the right searchers. If you’re a pool designer in Maitland, include words like pool, backyard designs, hot tub, etc. Once you have all of the major ones covered, go deeper into popular brand names or any ancillary topics that will show Google that you know what you’re talking about.

    Use Keywords in Your Headers

    Google likes when your page has a hierarchy, and they notice when you’re using keywords in more important parts of your site. So, be sure to include the keywords that you’re trying to target in the headers on your pages.
    Get a free, online SEO audit

    Tip #8

    Include Services Pages

    Let your users know what you can do for them

    Chances are your Orlando business offers more than one service, but you want to keep them all equal in the eyes of search engines and users. Create a Services menu item and include individual pages for all of the services that you offer. This allows your customers to easily see how you can help and it allows you to tailor the content on each page to that specific service.

    See how this downtown Orlando dentist is handling their list of services.

    Screenshot of all of the services offered by an Orlando Dentist

    Tip #9

    Barnacle SEO

    Find what’s already working and latch onto it

    Not all SEO has to be created from scratch. Do a search for your specific niche or industry and see what’s ranking at the top. Think about how you can include your business or name in the top-ranking search results. Is there a list of the best Pediatricians in Kissimmee that you can reach out to be a part of? Did post an article of the best Winter Springs happy hours that you can ask them to add your restaurant to? Don’t be afraid to reach out and be open and honest about your intentions. Someone will likely get back to you and you can see a few leads from it.